Sometimes in life unexpectedly, we get thrown a curveball and it completely throws us off our trajectory and into a tailspin. My coach and trainer once told me that getting fired is the best thing that can ever happen to you.

Yeah, easy for someone to say who isn’t the one getting fired right? Well when you think about it, it is. Because the chances are you didn’t really like that job much to begin with anyway, and the universe through your awful boss did you a tremendous favor.

Whether it’s getting fired from a job, a romantic relationship that all of a sudden ends, a friendship falls apart, or losing a business it really is the best thing that can happen to you because it’s the chance to start all over again and start something you really love your way. It’s a chance to rebuild your world how you want, on your terms.

getting fired is not the end of your world even if it feels that way

Every exit is an entrance into something new, something amazing that your soul has been crying out for, for a very long time.

Often when it happens it can completely feel like the metaphorical rug is being pulled from under us. Sometimes in life no matter how hard we try, do our best, or persist the situation just isn’t right for us.

Whenever something like this happens to me or my clients, I gently remind them, that it really is the best thing that can happen. You being cleared out of the muck and distractions that were stopping your growth, stopping you from thriving and being happy.

If you find yourself in a situation that suddenly changes on you, here are some very helpful and important things to do that will help you to bounce back faster and with less resistance.

Firstly, accept the situation for what it is – this doesn’t mean you stop yourself from feeling all the feels that come with painful endings- anger, hurt, frustration, sadness, rage, etc. In fact, I really encourage you to actually sit down with your feelings and process them, allow yourself the space to feel the range of emotions you’re going through. Often a lot of shocks come with an ending so this can take some time.

It’s okay to feel an emotion, it’s just not okay to lash out and hurt people or property, and it’s certainly not okay to unpack and live with the lingering emotions for days and weeks, even years on end!

Secondly, taking radical self-responsibility will help you with step one. What role did you play in this situation unfolding? What did you do or not do that contributed to this happening?

This is often the hardest part of healing a situation because often times people want to blame others for their downfall. This does not negate or trivialize if someone has hurt you or circumstances have unfolded that way. It’s a way to take back your power in the situation.

Think of it like this, if you blame another person, a workplace, the economy, the president for what happened, you are diminishing your own power and ability to rise above it and prevail.

Blame only takes away your ability, which you have to heal, learn and grow from the situation.

Thirdly, start journaling it. There is so much power in being able to process your own emotions. Every day I sit down with my pen and journal and write down everything I fear, love, want am grateful for, you name it.

The power of journaling has the ability to move you quickly through emotional blocks and clear them so you can move on quickly and learn the lessons.

Fourthly, you need patience and a lot of it! It’s so important that you give yourself time and space to process the event, events can cause trauma and PTSD, and it’s imperative that you take the necessary steps to self-care and healing.

Remember this time is for you to heal and you can’t avoid it if you are to move on from it. This is a really good time to invest in yourself and take up a new hobby to infuse joy into your life, joy is so important to our survival it is often overlooked.

The littlest things can give you pleasure and joy- it could be getting a massage, patting a dog, taking up photography, booking a trip away. It doesn’t matter how big or small it just matters that it makes you happy and smile. You need those good endorphins to help you bounce back quicker and build resilience.

Fifth, recruiting help to heal yourself; healing and recovery take time and patience and we often can’t see past our own blind spots. Seeking help from a professional who has experience with what you’re going through will help you to recover from the pain and shock quicker.

There is a whole gamut of health professionals at your figure tips with just the click of a button on the internet. You don’t need to suffer in silence, you’re not a martyr and there’s no need for you to be one.

I have different packages available designed specifically to help you process old wounds, parental coding, and emotional baggage that has held you back from living your life and having the relationship you dream about.

I offer free consultations to see if my sessions are a good fit for you, so feel free to contact me to arrange.

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