New beginnings, old endings – there’s something so magical about the beginning of a new year. It’s as if the new year is filled with so much hope and potential to “begin again”. Trouble is, a few weeks into January this magic wears off, disappears as fast as it arrived, and we find ourselves sliding back to old habits like a long-lost friend.


The year 2020 wasn’t any old year – many people were relieved and happy to see the back end of it, hoping it would dissipate as fast as you could say the c-word. No matter what your feelings about the new year, there is a lesson to be learned by all of it. Life is fragile, we value love and connection, your job is temporary, money comes and goes but what remains is who you are through all of it.


Are you the person that can fully trust yourself when others doubt you, ridicule you, or even try to discourage you? The energy of the new year is scary and special, especially this year as we enter the dawn of a new age. Much has come to light the past few months both on a personal level and collective as well all navigate the waves of uncertainty.




What if you looked at it from a place of possibility?



Endless possibilities for what if? What if you start that business you’ve been putting off for ages? What if you go back to school and retrain for a career you really love? What if you shift cities? What if you finally trust your own self about what you do, be and have?


Trust comes from a deep knowing within you, that what you really want but are too scared to vocalize is yours if you dare put yourself on the aligned path to receive it – Courage and resilience are the key ingredients for achieving anything you set your mind to.


Too many people underestimate the power of decisions and small action steps every single day in the direction of your dreams. Better health, fitness, feeling good, cultivating personal power, raising your self-esteem all require you to decide to put yourself first. That you will not negotiate your personal energy or boundaries for anyone. This does take some practice but it’s well worth it when you are able to manifest all your goals and desires.


In my coaching practice, I’ve had clients that stay disciplined in their new habit, only to throw it all out the window when a challenge comes along. You can give up on yourself and get stuck in the pattern of always starting again (which is what happens with many new year’s resolutions) or you can extract the lesson, keep the good stuff and release what didn’t work.


I always say don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater if you wobble or “fail” at times. Don’t wait to start a big epic health kick on Monday or the beginning of the month, start today.


Don’t wait for the epic bolt of lightning to hit you to be inspired or motivated


Don’t wait to join a gym, don’t wait until… Start where you are at, with what you have. Everyone starts somewhere, at the beginning and it’s the little habits consistently done every day that adds up to big shifts. If you stay the course and fuel your desires, you will surely manifest what you desire. Because what you want, wants you…