Self-worth and self-esteem are often underrated and rarely talked about in everyday conversations. Interestingly though, this is the root cause of most of the issues that people face in their everyday lives, but little, if any consideration is given to how it plays out in our behavior, thoughts, and
dictates how we feel. It’s not until something goes horribly wrong in some aspect of our lives that we realize how deeply rooted self-doubt, not feeling good enough, and feeling like you don’t deserve to have what you want are truly highlighted.

As humans, having this human experience called life, we all have the exact same three things wrong with us – but they can manifest in our outer world very differently from one person to another. For instance, having a shopping addiction has the same root cause as someone who suffers from anxiety or over-indulges in food.

With the coronavirus pandemic causing more and more unknowns in our lives every day, it is important to learn fail-safe tools that will help you cultivate resilience and confidence to face any situation you are met with. Cultivating self-worth begins with an unshakeable and unwavering belief in yourself and knowing you are loveable and worthy. This deep sense of self-power and knowing who you are so that no one’s opinions or judgments can affect you – is true power.

True power does not lie in our achievements, career, status, or bank account. It is a feeling from within, reflected in the outside world. In yogic teachings, we are taught that once self-power is cultivated, no one can disturb your peace, and you will no longer be dictated to by outside
circumstances like the economy, finances, your boss, or your current fill in the blank.

Society, your parents, teachers, religion have all contributed to stripping you of your deep sense of personal power, but once you break through the conditioning, you are free and detached from the outer world, no matter what happens. This doesn’t mean that you don’t feel emotions or move into a cave and become a monk, it means YOU are in control because he/she who controls his mind, controls his/her world.

By healing our old wounds, traumas, and conditioning we are free to cultivate unconditional love for ourselves, not the narcissistic type of selfish or self-centered love, but a deep God-like love for who we are, being able to accept ourselves for who we are no matter what has happened to us. Too many people are judging themselves very harshly for past mistakes and this keeps them in a mental trap where they can’t ever seem to get out of. When you heal the past and open your heart to not only self-love but universal love you can pursue the life you want, a life that makes you happy and fulfilled.

You can have the relationship you want, find your life’s purpose, cultivate abundance, have great health, the world is literally your oyster when it comes to getting what you want. You don’t have to go to years of therapy either to heal and cultivate self-worth, in just a few short months of focusing on key areas with myself will you be able to uncover all the blocks that have been holding you back and develop resilience and confidence for the future. My unique skills and program is set up for you to feel safe and heard so you are able to move forward from what’s holding you back. I am offering free, one-off thirty-minute coaching to help you uncover what’s going on and get clarity around your next steps.